"Quitting is equivalent to running out of gas. You will only go as far as the investment you put in. Don't quit!"-Germika

Germika's unforeseen and immense energy will have you motivated by her empowering messages to achieve your highest breakthrough! With a powerful style of speaking that integrates a comedy-style approach, sense of comfort, and cohesiveness, Germika smoothly coaxes audiences and groups alike through engaging dialogues, Q&A's, and workshops concerning complex issues. 


Recognized as a Self Motivator and Leadership Motivator, Germika verifies her passion throughout communities, radio, respective companies and organizations, and public appearances on an array of topics. Each opportunity over the last 20 years has allowed Germika to gain a keen sense, as a humanitarian and expert through a combination of involvement: national studies academically, professional pursuits, creator and developer of social innovations, personal challenges and triumphs, and an 

in-depth understanding to learn and educate about the dynamics of personality and social behaviors.

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Germika provides a wide-range of services as a Self-Motivator and Leadership Motivator, as there are no specific "packages" to select when seeking to plan towards ambition. Not only will she empower you towards self-fulfillment with confidence, Germika ensures that you're guided with support and the necessary tools to sustain yourself effectively, and based on your individual or group need. Contact Germika today to share and create your vision!



"Today is not the last day you tried to start, neither did you fail because you quit, but tomorrow isn't promised to do either. Create the change."-Germika

Inspire... Aspire... Be Encouraged... Empower... Build... Connect... Defeat Fear... Be Determined... Learn... Engage... Believe in Yourself...

Never Quit!

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