Ensuring that you achieve your personal goals is just as important as your professional. Whether self-employed with a few employees, small or large organization or a corporate structure the importance of creating a balance to remain focused equally between the two are essential.


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 Leadership Tips
  • Don’t be afraid about your capabilities being critiqued.


  • Challenge yourself to lead a project, even if it's not your expert area/focus. Research what’s needed and start the process!


  • Leaders always seek help. You will never know everything or have enough time to do so.


  • Believe that your mistakes will make your wiser and your competence better for the next leadership opportunity!


  Teamwork Tips
  • If you feel uncomfortable working in a group request to be observed and discuss how you interacted.


  • Build cohesion for easy cohesion and workflow with your team. This will help build your leadership skills and confidence towards personal professional goals.


  • Don’t feel or be competitive. Recognize your strengths and need for improvement without comparing to others.


  • This may decrease or limit your abilities, as well as your focus to achieve your professional goals as best as possible.


  • Delegating responsibilities and following-up allows you to connect with your team and learn about different expert areas that could assist with your professional goals further.


     Empowerment Tips
  • Always find and keep a balance. Motivation can be lost easily when you focus more on a daily routine that’s mundane and unfulfilled.


  • Seek new hobbies that connect to your goals.


  • Find at least one mentor that will guide and support you towards your goals on a consistent basis.


  • Remain flexible to recreate your plans. Some goals will need revamping many times before being finalized.


  • Don’t be hard on yourself when you haven’t achieved a goal by an anticipated or expected deadline. You don’t want those feelings to hinder your progress of personal goals.

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