Germika's encouragement to support and educate children, adolescents, young adults, and adults alike to fathom the promience of recognizing ones strength, is her highest priority as a speaker and consultant.


Gearing her focus on professional and personal aspects of self-esteem and goal-setting, Germika also ensures that her services apply respectivley for individuals and groups.


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Having options give flexibility during the planning process and while balancing your life. To ensure your needs are met for either a speaking engagment and/or to receive consultation services will allow the opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts during a meeting.


Meetings can be conducted via phone or in-person. Depending on your request of service, discussions typically range between 35-45 minutes.


Without pressure, you're always welcomed to schedule anytime. I look forward to speaking and colloborating with you soon!


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"Ms. Pegram, is passionate,  has an important message to deliver and a target audience that can always benefit from what she has to convey. The infusion of her formal training with life experiences, and her innate ability to reach the masses, keeps one intrigued and inspired from the moment she speaks!"


-T. Gentry, Civil Rights Lawyer

 Dallas, Tx

Inspire... Aspire... Be Encouraged... Empower... Build... Connect... Defeat Fear... Be Determined... Learn... Engage... Believe in Yourself...

Never Quit!

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