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"Talking with Ms. Pegram, about graduate school was most helpful. I learned a lot and look forward to applying everything I discussed"Virgina Union University Career Development Bootcamp (Evaluation comment from undergraduate student)

"Talking with Ms. Pegram, about graduate school was most helpful. I learned a lot!"Virgina Union University Career Development Bootcamp (Evaluation comment from undergraduate student at VUU)

"The thing that I like best about Germika, isn't the fact that her words or advice motivated me. It's the fact that she experienced some personal ordeals that were challenging and she was able to overcome so many obstacles and still became succesful!


Germika is able to share her stories and encourage others through workshops or simply speaking to a crowd. I enjoyed how Germika created a visual that was real and touching while also giving an encouraging message for others to understand they can achieve their goals too! To me, that's the greatest motivation anyone could give! "


Jason Q. 

Harlem, New York

"Germika is determined to speak change and you will feel it through every word! Her speaking, is powerful and will encourage you too be successful by any means necessary. Germika, is a motivational speaker that can and will, speak energy into your life and any purpose you envision; as a POSITIVE influence and role model, Germika Pegram will ensure your gudided to NEVER GIVE UP!"


L. Gibson

New York, New York

"I had the privliege to attend Ms. Pegram's workshop that was conducted in Atlanta, GA (about women and society's perceptions, etc.) a few months back, and I was completely BLOWN AWAY!!! Her style of speaking is comforable and will definitly catch your attention. I went through so many emotions in the matter of 45 minutes that I couldn't even attend the next workshop because I needed time to think, but, I was also eager to get started with planning and restarting my goals.


Please, if you want a speaker that will catch and keep your attention, while laughing due to her great sense of humor, Ms. Pegram is the one. You will learn so much because this young lady is knowledgable beyound her years. I promise you won't regret attending to hear her speak. Ms. Pegram is also very personable and so real. She hides nothing and will make you recognize things about yourself that you know must be changed and to become a better YOU.


Ms. Pegram has the perfect website name..."germikaspeakschange"...because she definitely will! I'm looking for Germika to one day speak to a crowd of thousands because the world needs more people like her. All the best Ms. Pegram, and THANK YOU!"


C. Thomas, Harvard University Alumni

Atlanta, GA

"As a motivational speaker, Germika delivers the truth in a way that requires listeners to become greater in whatever area they need help in. Germika helped me to realize that education is used to enhance the God given talents that you are born with."


M. E. Johnson-Pleasants, VCU Alumni, School of Marketing and Business

Richmond, Va 

"She's never met a stranger!" Literrally, explains how we met! Her warm magnetic spirit and personality draws you in and will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next morsel of knowledge or ponder to thought beyond her words. In a nutshell "great things come in small packages," and this package packs a supernatural punch !


R. Parham, Virginia State University Alumni

Petersburg, Va

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Never Quit!

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