"Germika Pegram was AWESOME! I would love for her to come back!" 

-Undergraduate Student Evaluation, Virginia Union University

 (Virginia Union University Career Development Bootcamp)
"Ms. Pegram is one of a kind! She knows exactly how to inspire and ignite a room! With her spunk and realness she's sure to have you leaving and ready to tackle anything and make permanent change.

-C. Epps

 Richmond, VA
"Germika Pegram is a game changer! She is passionate about the work she does and challenges listeners to think about things in a different way through humor and real-life experiences." 

-R. Mosley

 Founder, Urban Philanthropist 

Germika (pronounced Ger-Me-Ka) Pegram is a Leadership and Self-Improvement Speaker that is dedicated to inspire and support others through her involvement to impart with essential directions for healthy living and decision making. Her highest priority integrates a passion and aptitude to connect with people wholeheartedly, as she provides the necessary tools concerning professional and educational pursuits and improvement of individuals, families, relationships, and communities. 

As a motivational speaker and radio/television pundit, she focuses on two of the most profound and unresolved epidemics that affect African-Americans on a daily basis: stigmatization and the impact of racism, which are strongly exhibited throughout society today. Germika's observations and expertise concerning the most imperative facets to healthy living and self-motivation also peaks the significance of situational factors that influence the behaviors of individuals and groups, resiliency, and holistic approaches for people to recognize and comprehend.


Over the years, her dedication and industry proficiency, educational pursuits, world travel, and volunteerism were inspired to eventually create a company that would provide effective and sustainable solutions to support social service organizations to improve risk mitigation.


She is the founder and Chief-Executive Officer of Pegram & Associates Professional Services for Mental and Behavioral Health of Atlanta and it is the first social and human service risk mitigation consulting firm in the country to coincide with distinct services and align separate professional services for mental and behavioral health organizations of small to large scale that classify as: non-profit, not-for-profit, and start-up social service organizations with high need areas of vital operations involving mitigation risk. 


Pegram & Associates is a medium-sized cloud-based company that specializes in organization and evaluation performance, valuable recommendations, and consulting that assist in the operation of maintaining reliable infrastructure for the efficiency and assessment process of an entity in the areas of documentation, guidelines on supporting documents, policy and practice regulations, emergency and reserved audits™, and advocacy support. Pegram & Associates services are highly unique, as her company is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to accommodate businesses seeking services.​


Germika remains determined to gain expertise over the last 20 years and has worked relentlessly with over 35 populations within the social and human services field in the United States and abroad. Currently, as an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) licensed eligible clinician in the state of Virginia for mental health, Germika challenged herself to go further and combine her focus to help improve local, state, and federal policies for various social issues in mental health, diversity, racism, and artificial intelligence in technology. 


After graduating from Virginia Union University with a BA in Psychology, she committed to remaining engaged in the social service sector and completed the national service program of AmeriCorps VISTA to help alleviate poverty. While completing her master’s degree at NYU, she was selected for the elite program of the National Association of Social Work-NYC Chapter Undoing Racism Internship Program where she was responsible to facilitate, and organize workshops with New York-based schools of Social Work to organize a stronger anti-racist and anti-oppressive curriculums.


Furthering her public service endeavors, Germika ran for public office as a city councilwoman in her hometown of Richmond, VA., while simultaneously completing VCU’s Minority Political Leadership Institute-Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute-L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs - Minority Political Leadership Institute of VCU and Legislative Black Caucus Foundation where she focused on important issues in minority communities such as community economics, political climate, civic engagement, policy, legislative processes, and equity.


Germika is also the founder of CIRCLE (Community Involvement to Remain Connected and Lead Effectively™) and CIRCLE+™ (Challenging Issues while Revitalizing Communities through Learning Experiences+ [for positive change]™ were developed as she witnessed a demanding need to create a two-component hierarchy, which entails community engagement and immediate training of the social issue selected. In addition to the latter of the CIRCLE engagement process, it also requires participants to create and develop training in their community, where this, in turn, will create: 1). participants to become a viable resource for their community and 2). to create a 'snowball effect' within communities among community leaders, organization partners, stakeholders, and the community overall. The overall goal is to dismantle stigmatizations that misinterpret and imply disproportionate information about social issues respectively.


CIRCLE focuses on service-oriented projects to organize and support the advancement of communities regarding the significance of social issues and social innovations for equality.


CIRCLE+ is the second component of CIRCLE, which encompasses immediate follow-up training related to the completed service project. Upon completion, volunteers are certified, as a CIRCLE+ Leader™. Members are guided and prepared with effective tools to encourage their efforts within communities and to implement, develop, and carry out sustainable solutions.

Germika will pursue her Ph.D., Fall 2021 where she desires to focus on the conceptual model and development of human and social service policies and community engagement to improve mental health disparities among African-Americans.

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